(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. faith, belief; credibility, trust; credit, borrowing power. —v. t. believe, trust; credit. See accounting.
Borrowing power
1. credit, trust, score, tally, account, tab; loan (see debt); credit instrument, instrument of credit, letter of credit, line of credit, draft, paper credit, floating capital, certificate of deposit, CD; charge account, installment plan, layaway, revolving credit; credit rating, credit bureau; credit union; credit or debit card, bank card, gold or platinum card, smart card. Informal, tick. See accounting.
2. creditor, lender, lessor, mortgagee, funder, mortgage broker or holder; bill collector.
Verbs — credit, charge; keep an account with, run up an account with, buy on the installment plan; entrust, accredit; place to one's credit or account; give or take credit. Slang, fly a kite, go on tick, go in[to] hock for, rack up.
Adjectives — crediting, credited; accredited; to the account or credit of.
Adverbs — on credit, on deposit; on account, in installments; on time. Informal, on tick. Slang, on the cuff.
Antonyms, see debt.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Belief]
Syn. credence, reliance, confidence, trust; see faith 1 .
2. [Unencumbered funds]
Syn. assets, stocks, bonds, paper credit, account, bank account, balance, mortgages, liens, securities, debentures, capital outlay, surplus cash; see also balance 3 , wealth 1 .
3. [Recognition]
Syn. acknowledgment, commendation, prestige, repute; see honor 1 , praise 1 , reputation 1 , 2 .
4. [Permission to defer payment]
Syn. extension, respite, continuance, trust in future payment, accounts carried on the books, borrowing power, line of credit; see also loan .
do credit to,
Syn. bring approval to, do honor to, redound to the honor of, reflect well on; see promote 2 .
give credit to,
Syn. believe in, rely on, have confidence in; see believe 1 , trust 1 .
give one credit for,
Syn. commend, acknowledge, recognize; see admit 3 , praise 1 .
on credit,
Syn. on a charge, by deferred payment, on loan; see charged 1 , unpaid 1 .
to one's credit,
Syn. commendable, honorable, beneficial; see worthwhile .
1. [To believe]
Syn. trust, have faith in, rely on; see believe 1 , trust 1 .
2. [Accounting term]
Syn. put on the books, charge to an account, place to the credit of, accredit to, give credit to, extend credit to, place to one's account, defer payments; see also charge 2 .
3. [To attribute]
Syn. give credit, ascribe, recognize; see attribute .
See Synonym Study at attribute .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. belief trust, faith, honesty, credibility.
2. recognition acclaim, praise, tribute, notice, commendation, pat on the back, *Brownie points, acknowledgement.
3. debt on account, deferred payment, charge, time, installment plan. ''Imaginary riches.''— Thomas Peacock.
ANT.: 1. disbelief, mistrust. 2. blame, disapproval. 3. cash
1. believe trust, accept, *buy, have faith in, trust, *take stock in.
2. assign to recognize, accredit, attribute, ascribe, acknowledge.
ANT.: 1. disbelieve, distrust
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. Mental acceptance of the truth or actuality of something: belief, credence, faith. See OPINION. 2. Favorable notice, as of an achievement: acknowledgment, recognition. See KNOWLEDGE. 3. The act of attributing: ascription, assignment, attribution, imputation. See GIVE. II verb 1. To have confidence in the truthfulness of: believe, trust. Idiom: take at one's word. See OPINION. 2. To regard as belonging to or resulting from another: accredit, ascribe, assign, attribute, charge, impute, lay1, refer. See GIVE.

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